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I’ve been married for 27 years. I have two fantastic boys and a wonderful daughter. I love animals and have had 4 Newfoundlands, 1 Leonberger and 3 rabbits. Currently we have 1 Goldendoodle and hope to have another doodle (maybe even a bird) someday soon! Home, family and room for friends is the most important aspect of life for me, so I would say my style has a comfortable traditional vibe with a twist.

MIRA VISU is a combination of the Latin words “Mirabile”, meaning "wonderful" (and also happens to be my maiden name) and "Visu," meaning "to behold”. Together, the words mean, "Wonderful to Behold."

I exhibited a passion for design early in life. As a kid, I painted and moved the furniture around in my 10-by-12-foot bedroom every which way imaginable. I made wallpaper out of boutique shopping bags and sewed pillows out of any type of fabric I could find.

My mother often reminds me that I didn't stop with redecorating my own little space, I took it outside, too, using my creativity on the tree fort that my brothers had started in the backyard. I thought it could use "remodeling," so I added some much-needed embellishments, such as windows with shutters, a "proper" roof made with garbage bags and duct tape, and to top it off, I constructed a pulley system for our lunches to get delivered one story up! Decorating and design, including good function, have always come second nature to me.

I find inspiration in many places, the incredible art and architecture throughout Europe I think have had the most influence on me, however I do find inspiration almost anywhere. I love the water, flowers, and staring up at the color of a clear blue sky against the green leaves on a tree, or looking out into a fiery sunset stirring my soul with creativity. The colors of nature amaze me!

I studied Interior Design at Fairfield University and NYIAD. One could say that designing and decorating is in my blood and that my career development has all been a natural progression. My father was a master carpenter, both of my brothers were carpenters, my father-in-law deals in textiles and my mother always had great style. I am an ASID member and continue to attend workshops and furniture markets often.

Today, years after taking a hammer to my brother's old tree fort, I’ve had my hands in all facets of designing, building and decorating a home—from paint brushes to power tools, plush velvets to polished nickel, I’m here to help you put it all together and make it “Sooo Mira Visu.”